Practical Baby Care Workshop


Our practical and fun workshop will prepare you for the day when you first hold your baby in your arms.

Our classes are unbiased and we are here to support you to explore your options, to learn skills and decide how YOU want to care for your baby.

Baby Care Basics – a hands-on chance to learn how to handle your baby, dressing, nappy changing, cord care, bathing, winding...

Baby Safety – make sure you are up to date with recommendations and guidance for keeping your baby safe.

Newborn choices – tests, checks and choices which will be offered for your newborn at the birth.

Parenting choices – reusable and disposable nappies, babywearing and buggies, routines and being baby-led, your choices are uncovered!

Calming and cues – learn techniques for calming your babies cries and learn how to interpret their cues.

Role of dads – how dads can bond with their little ones and how they can be actively involved in caring. 

Our antenatal workshop will enable you to explore your choices so that the decisions you make for the care of your baby are individual to YOU, YOUR family and YOUR individual baby.

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Baby Sleep Workshop


Learn how babies sleep, what is ‘normal’, receive up to date sleep safety recommendations.

A workshop

  • All about the world of newborn & baby sleep.

  • Parents have a chance to discuss their expectations/experiences of sleep in the first 6 months.

  • Look at different options around their baby’s sleep.

This is the perfect workshop for any new parent who feels they are struggling with sleep!


Developmental Baby Massage


Suitable from birth, our 4-week courses are specially designed to support your baby’s development whilst remaining baby-led and flexible, caring for you and your baby’s individual needs.

Stage One: from  birth to 12 weeks

Enjoy developmental baby massage, holds, gentle movement, and relaxation to support you and your baby through your ‘fourth-trimester’ transition. Our friendly and tranquil classes are especially designed to calm, soothe and relax your baby.

Stage Two: from 12 weeks +


These lively and colourful classes combine developmental baby massage alongside the song, sign, traditional rhyme and storytelling to create a fun, playful and sensory class for both you and your baby!


BabyNatal Developmental Baby Massage classes will:

  • Show you ways to bond and play with your little one at home

  • Explore how to read babies cues and ways of communicating and interacting with your baby

  • Teach you techniques to help with tummy troubles and ease colic

  • Help your baby to relax, encouraging sleep

  • Support the natural development of your baby’s physical, neurological, social and emotional development


BabyNatal Weaning Workshop


The workshop supports parents general principles and tips/ guidelines/storing freezing and batch cooking.

We cover when to start/ what to feed/ how to do it/ what equipment is needed.

  • Offering information on

    • how much to feed

    • allergies

    • intolerances

    • spoon-fed and

    • baby-led weaning.

  • Dealing with

    • chocking

    • combination feeding

    • shop-bought versus homemade food

    • and more

The class will supply the parents with a huge amount of information for them to be able to walk away with the knowledge needed to make their decision on weaning.