• Alice West

Reflexology as a therapy for wellbeing

Reflexology is known to open neural pathways and flood the nervous

system with neuron activity which puts the body in a more relaxed state.

By delivering an abundance of relaxation in your system, reflexology can

induce a state of calm throughout your body and mind. It can be used to

cure sleep disorders such as Insomnia and help your body get back to

its normal, healthy circadian rhythms.

Opening up and cleaning out neural pathways can help improve

functionality and flexibility of nerves and cells in various organs in the

body. Neural passageways are essentially like muscles, it is extremely

beneficial and crucial to your health to keep them active.

By stimulating your nerves and opening your neural pathways,

information flows much faster and more effectively to you brain which

would help you brain to handle the process the information faster which

would result in a much faster cognitive and physical reactions and a

boost in your memory.

The benefit of reflexology is an improvement in blood circulation

throughout the body, which means that blood along with oxygen gets

cycled and delivered through the body more efficiently. Improvement in

circulation also means more oxygen reaching the vital organ systems

which optimises their functioning and further increases metabolism. The

deliverance of oxygen through the body also results in faster healing

and re growth of damaged cells.

By improving the blood circulation, Reflexology improves bladder

function and that helps reduce the possibility of urinary tract issues. This

results in a more efficient system of eliminating toxins and other foreign

elements, thereby protecting your body from various diseases and

health conditions that can often happen as result of a compromised

urinary system.

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